About Us

Our History

drIn 1957, Dr W. J. Klinck and a group of visionary Townshippers saw the need of seniors in their community and decided to act upon it. They opened Grace Christian Home now known as Grace Village, and later Connaught Home, to provide excellent, compassionate and loving care, primarily, but not exclusively, to English-speaking seniors in the Eastern Townships. They established a care model that offered a sense of family and the provision of charity for those in need that was, and is, a key element of our reason for being. Dr Klinck and the founding members were committed to offering all seniors, regardless of their financial situation, a loving, caring home. Grace Village and Connaught Home (soon to be Connaught Apartments for independent seniors) are grouped together today under the corporate name Massawippi Retirement Communities (MRC), a not-for-profit charitable organization. Over the years, the MRC has been dedicated to the highest quality of care through maintaining exemplary standards and contemporary methods. In fact, MRC is a teaching platform for a variety of local area post-secondary educational programs for Nursing, Licensed Practical Nursing, Certified Care Giving, Special Care Counselling, Psychology as well as research in geriatrics. Today, we continue to honour the vision and core values set forth by Dr. Klinck and our founders.

Our Leadership Team

Mr. Doug Bowker, Executive Director

Ms. Andrea Eastman, Director of Human Resources

Ms. Sandra Klinck, Director of Care

Board of Directors

Massawippi Retirement Communities

Dr. Brad Willms, Chair
Dr. James Benson
Ms. Andrea Eastman
Dr. Robert Frazer, Secretary
Mr. Roy Buttery
Ms. Karen Allatt-Hornibrook
Mr. Steve Allatt
Ms. Joan Drinkwater
Mr. John McNeill
Mr. Doug Buchanan

Our Core Values

Motivated by Love

Compassion, Dignity, Attentive to the needs of others, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”



Honesty, Character, Trust, Faith and ethical, moral and legal conduct



Leadership, Empowerment, Quality Service, Hard Work, Results-Oriented, Innovation, Continuous Learning and Self-Improvement



Accountability, Responsibility, Continuity and Consistency in Care, Competency, Stewardship



Cooperation, Respectful and supportive of others, Cohesion, Multi-disciplined, Oriented towards a common goal

Our Vision for Renewal

For 60 years, Grace Village (formerly Grace Christian Home) in Sherbrooke and Connaught Home in North Hatley have provided care and support to thousands of members of our senior community and their families and have offered meaningful employment and career opportunities to hundreds of Eastern Townshippers.


We are now in the process of implementing an exciting new vision for renewal which has resulted in major investments in our infrastructure and increased capacity to care for more seniors with expanded diversity of care options. Through a two-year community consultation process, the Board of Directors of MRC established the need to persevere and build a new, state-of-the-art care pavilion at Grace Village, and transform the Connaught into apartments for autonomous seniors. The consolidation of all nursing care at Grace Village will improve the efficiency of our operations, all the while providing a continuum of care that meets the diverse needs of residents today and in the future. This vision necessitates a significant investment in new and renewed infrastructure. The original plan was to build a care pavilion with 90 private rooms at a cost of $12 million in order to accommodate the 84 residents in our care. As announced in July 2016, our co-chairs Steve & Barbara Allatt pledged the requisite funds to build a fourth wing of 30 private rooms for assisted living accommodations. Our total project cost is therefore $14 million of which $9.7 million has been raised.


The plan for renewal of Massawippi Retirement Communities will place Grace Village and the Connaught on a solid footing for many years to come. In fact, our business plan projected out to 2022 demonstrates that MRC will be far less reliant on charitable support. This plan was not conceived out of a desire to seek new and more comfortable facilities – it is truly a plan for survival. Providing our residents and the MRC team with modern facilities and equipment will be an incredible opportunity to build on the legacy of the founders of this time-honored institution and ensure that we can continue to care for the most vulnerable among us.


Proceeding with construction with just more than half the pledges and donations required was a bold but necessary step of faith to provide continued care to current residents before the deadline of imposed building code changes in 2018.


Over July 8-11, 2017 we were privileged to move all our residents into the new pavilion at Grace Village. We have also been welcoming new residents weekly into this beautiful new building. As we settle into our new home, attention will turn to the Connaught, which will soon be transformed into apartments for independent senior living. Follow our progress by visiting our Capital Campaign/Construction page.


Our vision for renewal has resulted in many important changes. What remains the same are our values and our commitment to providing excellent, compassionate and loving care to our senior community for years to come.

GRACE Village

There is something special about Grace Village. Walking in, one notices the warm and friendly environment in which residents obtain excellent health care, live in fellowship, and continue to enjoy the love of family and friends. The facility currently houses 120 beds in its main building, and there are four adjacent semi-detached units and one private cottage.

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