When the Nursing Program of Champlain Regional College (Lennoxville campus) was launched some six years ago, my role as coordinator necessitated seeking out optimal clinical learning opportunities for students. A key challenge was to ensure that these future nurses would have excellent clinical learning models (‘mileux’) to guide their professional practice. Most especially, a major preoccupation was to identify clinical settings that offered high quality formative experiences in the field of geriatrics, or care of the elderly; an area of present-day exponential growth and importance. While an essential part of nursing studies is to learn theoretical notions and clinical skills, the fundamental human values of nursing hold an even greater significance in elder care. Thus, I sought an organization that dealt with an older aged clientele in a highly professional and empathetic manner, bearing in mind that care should be centered on the resident-patient as an individual worthy of dignity and respect.



I was highly gratified to find that such a resource met my expectations in the Connaught and Grace Village. With a culture of compassionate, respectful care, this organization represents an exemplary model for nursing students to learn about and appreciate the importance of core values of nursing; tenets such as caring, benevolence and attentiveness to individual needs, which cannot be taught easily in a classroom or laboratory setting.


Since the inception of the Champlain Lennoxville Nursing Program I have spent many hours accompanying students in the MRC (setting). My initial impression that this was a first class care facility offering high quality care to its residents, was confirmed. As a learning milieu for nursing students, I could not have asked for better. Moreover, year after year, Champlain nursing students acknowledge that their clinical practicum experiences at MRC have played a key role in their formation and have positively influenced their attitude as health care professionals.


Krystyna Kouri, RN, PhD
Coordinator of the Nursing Program Champlain Regional College

“Don’t forget the Grace”

– the advice from a long-standing family friend who recognized the changes in my active, independent, fun-loving Mom. Since the time we did need the services of the Grace, we have been forever grateful for that advice.



All the staff embraced respect and compassion in their work with my Mom from Day 1, where I found her sitting on the sunny deck, cup of tea on a little table beside her, reading her book, just as she liked to spend all her mornings. Since that day, I have witnessed countless acts of kindness, gentleness and love from everyone connected with the Grace as they interact with the residents, no matter what the level of need. It seems everyone who works here chooses to do so and truly cares about the people with whom they are working…


Dr. Pippa Hall (MD, CCFP, Med, FCFP)

Faculty of Medicine (Palliative Care) at University of Ottawa

Fellowship in Palliative Medicine

Adjunct Professor, Department of Medicine